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Enterprise Asset and Fleet Management software platform.

Product Description

Solution For

Field Workers

  • Download and start working.
  • No learning curver.
  • Media and Geo support.
  • Messenger-like data input.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Add new items ad-hoc.
  • No *Required fields.
Solution For

White Collars

  • New data feed from the working floor means new opportunities for decision making.
  • Ajo, 3rd party or connected to customer visualization solution.
  • Any informational drill-down (Metrics, Geo, etc).
  • Depreciation tracking
Solution For

Blue Collars

  • Full assets history record on-demand.
  • Automatically Identifies asset ID.
  • Support of no coverage/connection areas.
  • Data enrichment for known assest types.
  • Reminders.
  • Full traction of worker's performance.

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The ultimate messenger-like app that helps you know more about your fleet.

We have created an intuitive and efficient tool for managing any number of different objects. With the Ajo mobile app, mobile fleet and asset management will be a simple activity that takes minimal effort and time.

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